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When a robot sleeps, does it Dream?

Faelan_01, Sep 10, 12 8:54 PM.
The world may never know, but I'll try to remember to ask Underhill Defense Prototype IV the next time we stop by. Collegium doctors heard that he was suffering from a horrible case of insomnia. So a bunch of us wandered over to sing him some lullabies. But, being tired can make you awfully grumpy, and he didn't seem happy to see us. That, or maybe Kaldonis' singing was just that far off-key that it made him mad, which ever. A tussle broke out, and we finally put him down for a nap. Grats to Ashven on Attuned Control Ring and to Faelan on Damaged Visual Sensor, stealing loots from the sleeping bot before he gets a chance to wake back up.

We are Recruiting!

Faelan_01, Sep 7, 12 7:26 AM.
Do you like to mash buttons?
Do you sometimes hit them in a lucky sequence, and kill digital creatures before you visit your bind point again?
Then you should come join us!

We have opened up recruitment, for a variety of classes, so people can come mash buttons with us. We would like to start raiding (ohh.. big digital monsters) but we need more people to make that happen. So, if you want to group and raid in a casual atmosphere, then come join us. We are always willing to group and help each other out (we raided HLUC for gosh sakes!) for quests and such. So, come join us!

How will you know we are raiding? Scarloc will be at his bind point, waiting on rez.
So, always remember, you don't need to be the fastest, just faster than Scarloc. ;)

Speak now or forever hold your peace....

sarchan, Aug 28, 12 5:44 PM.
No, we're not getting married!

But we are pushing towards putting some stuff down on paper. We have added some polls to the members area of the forums and it is strongly urged that you vote to have your voice heard!

Click Here To Vote!

Now we know why it is called the Towers of Agony

Faelan_01, Aug 27, 12 11:26 PM.
Well, we attempted Musklh the Enraged in PoT. And we found out why others had left him up. After several tries at him (and his 2 linked pals), we were forced to give up. And finding little else up, we did a dmap, grats to Circas on Diabolical Monocle, Nellon on Spell: Flight of the Eagles. and rot on Battered Lightweight Chain Ciurass. Better luck Wednesday I guess.

Dragon Steaks are Tasty!

Faelan_01, Aug 24, 12 9:01 PM.
8-24: We had people and we heard Dragon Steaks are tasty. After a rough start, we downed Lady Rosaline in WW, and then moved into DHK. In EDHK the clock struck for Craah the Midnight, and we rode off into the sunset of Nyja the Horizon. We then moved to WDHK, where Fae displayed his splitting (and ranger gating) skills on Lord Rizhal, and Vizerilla. Grats to Sarch on some new weapons, Fae on his runic bp, Tesud and Dgwald on the range items, Hal on the charming whip, and Nel on the ancient scroll(regen acquired). Many tasty steaks were had by all. Grats.
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